Do you want to add more laughter to your life? You are at the right time in the right place.

Do you miss laughter around you and do you want to change this? Are you in for a quick but effective study in how to live healthier, happier, lighter and more fit? Do you want to know how you can easily connect with people?

The course “Laughter Yoga Leader” can teach you in just two days how to reach all tha, and more. The course can be given anywhere in the world. For a 1 hour workshop in the Netherlands you can join one of my open Laughter Yoga sessions or organise your own laughter party.

Laughter Course

Laughter Workshop

Do you want to learn how to add more laughter to your life? Please join us for the 2 day training Laughter Yoga Leader. You receive an official certificate and you can lead your own laughter workshops. You earn your money in a really fun and easy way.

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Are you celebrating your birthday or having a batchelorsparty and are you looking for a special treat? Or do you want a special cheerful break during your event? Laughter connects people in a simple and fun way. 

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“Laughter can change the world.”